Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put in the skip bin?

Builder’s Waste – Household Clean ups

Construction Waste – Renovators, Business Clean outs

Garden Clean ups – Landscapers Waste

Is there anything I can’t put in the skip bin?

Yes – the following materials are not permitted:

  • Asbestos Fibro (Special bags can be provided)
  • Food or liquid waste
  • Soil (with no report)
  • Needles, syringes, and any other hospital, medical, or otherwise contaminated waste

What sizes do skip bins and bags come in?

Skip bins come in sizes all the way from 2 cubic metres, through to 12 cubic metres, and can come with, or without doors.

Skip bags range from 2.5 cubic metres, through to 3.5 cubic metres.

Can I put food or other perishable waste in the skip?

No – food and perishable waste can not be put into skip bins due to hygiene, health, and safety reasons.

When will you deliver / pick up the skip?

We usually can deliver within a day’s notice, and can collect the skip on request.

What about Asbestos disposal?

We can help supply asbestos bags. If you require this, please contact us for more information.

How much weight can I put in the skips?

This varies between different bags and bins. For more information about this, please contact us for more information.

How long can I have the skip for?

The usual hire term for a skip bin is 7 days. If you require a longer term than this, you can contact us for a quote.

The hire term for a skip bag is as long as you require.

How high can I fill the skip?

The skip is permitted to be filled to level with the top of the bin, or “water level” (nothing protruding from the top of the bin). This is for safety and RMS requirements, as overloaded bins can be dangerous during loading and transport.

How do I pay for my skip?

We accept cash, credit/debit card, and cheques on order of a skip bin or bag. Skip bins and bags will not be picked up until they are fully paid.

Can you help me fill the skip?

We can help you fill your skip with our team of workers, so you can take care of more important things.

Where do you place the skip bins or bags?

We can place skip bins or bags wherever you would like us to (within reason) – please let us know at the time of booking your preferred location so we can accommodate your needs.

Please note that for safety reasons, the bags can not be moved, except by us – doing so may result in us not being able to collect the bin or bag.

Will Skip Bins or Bags damage my concrete or lawn?

Our drivers are trained to deliver our skip bins and skip bags with extra care, though if you have any concern about this, please talk to the driver to discuss this with them.

Are you insured?

Our company is covered by all of the necessary insurance policies as required.

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